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Build Yourself a System

Accidents can happen anywhere and a likely location for them to happen in your home could be the bathroom. If someone just took a shower, the bathroom floor could be incredibly wet and one misplaced step will have someone fall over and possibly hit their head on something. It’ll either end up a light bruise or a trip to the hospital if a concussion should unfortunately occur. Both outcomes are better avoided, and precautions should be taken within your bathroom to prevent anyone from slipping over and injuring themselves. Reef Channel supplies homeowners with anti-slip drainage solutions for this very purpose and are a life-saver in many situations.

Not just your bathroom, but anywhere where the problem exists even remotely so. Commercial kitchens, hospitals and everything in between can make use of these anti-slip solutions to better fortify their foundations. Since the anti-slip solution is often just a one-time applied use, it makes for a long-term interest to invest in as well. It is what some would call, a one-time investment. The anti-slip solution will provide you with some of the best slip resistance ever known for many more years to come and it comes with several colours to suit both and outdoor as well as an indoor need.

Strip drains by Reef Channel can provide you with much more than this however. Bathroom floor shower channels and grate drains are also offered to add one to an already efficient water drainage system. Drains that not only suck in water fast but also do so in style to add a visually appealing effect, these drains can be equipped outside as well and make for great use in construction as well as renovation of areas like the bathroom which is already one of the most important rooms in any residence.

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