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Emotional Intelligence Mistakes You Need to Avoid

I know for a fact that everyone goes through a phase of emotional intelligence, I did as a kid as well, and I am glad that there were not many people hindering my development. However, I cannot say the same for everyone, as many kids I know get some interferences from either their parents, or their family members. I can only say that coming in the way of your child’s emotional intelligence is not good at all. Considering how children are experiencing emotions in that they have never felt, if stopped, or told that what they are feeling is invalid, the outburst can be drastic, and might cause your child to withdraw from all emotions, and shut everyone off.

This can be a very troubling stage for everyone. You can read some of the best books on emotional intelligence to understand how it works, and why it happens to be so important in the children. Below are some of the mistakes you need to avoid with emotional intelligence.

Not Talking to Your Child About Their Emotions

I am sure you have heard “talking helps” phrase time and again. That is because it is true; I cannot stress just how important it is to talk to your child about their emotions, Don’t come off as invasive, be kind, and understanding. They will need a friend more than a parent, so be that parent.

Let Them Be

If you think that they are looking for some time alone, or they don’t want to hang out with a group of people, I would advise you to let them be so you don’t come off as persuasive, or invasive. They will probably open up to you in a later stage knowing that their parents are letting them be the person they want to be.

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