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Finest Miter Saws That Can Grace The Best Wood Workshops

Any person who is into wood working knows that miter saws are the most important tool if one wants to make the perfect cross cuts. With the advancement in technology, miter saws have become better with time and now they come with some amazing additional features that have made wood working not only easy but also fun.

The options that are available are great as they offer variety but the number of options can make it hard to choose which is why you should keep an eye on the reviews of Closeup Check to get an idea about the saws in the market and which one matches your needs.


If you are looking for the most precise cutting ever then you need to look for this single bevel compound miter saw that comes in heavy at 15 amp of power and is of 15 inches and 47 pounds. This particular miter saw works so perfectly because of its strong design and the motor that is powerful enough to cut through all sorts of boards and other materials too. The additional features of this miter saw are the dust collection bag that can collect large amount of waste and a blade wrench which is useful for many projects.

Makita LS1016L

This is a dual slide compound miter saw which runs at 15 amperes but that is not the only attractive point of it; it is fitted with laser guide which allows cuts to be precise and allows work to be perfect. It is famous in the market because it has the larges capacity for crown molding and it is perfect for this job. This dual slide compound miter saw gets its rigidity from its 4 steel rail sliding system.

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