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General Contractors: Knowing Hidden Prices

As our house begins to grow older, the more we start to see little issues and problems along the way. This can include things like old piping, a bathroom remodeling or changing your landscape design and so on. So, when you call in the contractor and ask them for an estimate for the job, they will end up presenting you with a price that is way higher than what you had initially thought of.

The reason why we assume they are charging more is because we take four factors into account, namely subcontractors, materials, markup and installation labor. However, we tend to overlook the general conditions (GC) factor in these calculations. So the GC factors are what take up another big chunk of money you do not realize you are being charged for.

The general condition costs are usually not visible to us as they are not actively visible during the building part. They are the extra costs during the project that do not necessarily require manual labor or installing something in the house. So, when a general contractor is looking at a certain job and trying to estimate a price, they are trying to include each and every step and detail to have a better understanding. This includes things like family members in events and so on.

A general contractor will take care of things like maintaining inventory, site maintaining, site meetings etc. all of which requires not just physical, but also emotionally emergency. So, the cost of their health and wellbeing will be considered just as valuable and that is why you will find additional GC prices to your bill. If you are looking for a  general contractor in West Village GC, you can check out the online directory or ask around other people just in case.

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