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Important Information on Hearing Aid Batteries

When it comes to batteries of hearing aid devices, there are a couple of things that one should know in order to get the full use out of them and to use them properly. Since there are a lot of important points about batteries that a care taker of a hearing aid device should know, we have prepared a whole list which would be about Hearing Aid Batteries so let us move on to that.

Life of Batteries

The life of batteries depend on factors like usage of the device, type of batteries and device, handling of batteries etc. so in general it can be said that the life would be around 2 to 22 days of batteries but of course the life depends on the type of battery so keep that in mind.

Protective Seals

The protective seals of batteries are in the form of a sticky tab which is small and can be in different colors so you should only remove it before putting the batteries in the device and if you open the seal but not use the batteries then they would be compromised and worthless.

Breathing of Batteries

This is not a necessary thing to do but if you want your batteries to be charged up a bit more before you use them then what you can do is to open the seal and let the battery breathe for a minute then put it in the hearing aid.

Change of Pair

We have already mentioned the time it would take batteries to be used to their full extent but what if you have not been keeping a track of the days? You can change your battery when it indicates and beeps that the battery is low or when you cannot hear properly.

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