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Phallophobia: A Problem We Don’t Recognize

Some of you might find it amusing and even funny when you learn of this phobia. Phallophobia | Fear of Penises or Erections is basically the fear of penises, especially erect ones. It sounds silly and irrational to most of us, but for people who happen to suffer from this phobia, depending on the level of their severity cannot even look at a picture of a penis without feeling symptoms of severe anxiety and suffer from an actual panic attack.

This is why it is important for us to have some empathy when it comes to these sort of things because this fear for someone while irrational to us, is extremely painful for them. Phallophobia happens to be different from asexuality. While people that are asexual may also have a low sex drive, they may not necessarily be scared of penises. People that are asexual also don’t feel anxiety or other phobia related symptoms either.

The cause of phallophobia is mostly associated with childhood trauma. The most common reason behind the development of this phobia are incidences of sexual abuse from a close, older male. This experience causes them to develop a fear of penises especially erect ones and they also avoid being close to people in general because they feel that they cannot trust them, especially males. Another potential cause behind phallophobia can be a result of poor self-esteem. People with low self-esteem may not think themselves to be good enough for romantic relationships or may have been mocked by a male which can cause them to develop a fear towards any acts involving penises and lower their sex drive unconsciously as well. There is proper psychological treatment available for treating this phobia and help the individual feel comfortable again and be able to function properly.

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