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Reasons Why Good Socks Are Important For Steel Toes

As someone who has been wearing steel toes for almost 2 years now, I have to admit that I am a fan. Sure, they are a bit heavier as compared to some of the other offerings available in the market, but the good thing is that their weight is not something that bothers me. However, the discomfort that comes with wearing them for longer time is something to be concerned about.

Keeping that in mind, I have learned from shoe experts that wearing good socks makes steel toe boots more comfortable and I decided to test that out myself. Turns out, it is true.  Below are some of the reasons why good socks are so important with steel toes.

They Restrict Unnecessary Movement

The good thing about a good pair of socks for steel toes is that they restrict unnecessary movements in the steel toes. I am talking about what happens when you wear your shoes and you can feel your feet move inside despite the shoes being snug. This can cause not only issues when walking, but you can also feel the pain in your feet because of this. A good pair of socks will restrict unnecessary movement.

They Allow Your Feet to Breathe

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that our feet need a place to breathe properly, especially when we are wearing shoes. Steel toes are generally made from material that does not allow our feet to breathe at all, and because of that, there can be excessive sweat. However, if you wear breathable socks, then there is a lesser chance of sweat building up because air will find its way into the shoes thanks to those socks. So, go ahead and buy yourself a good pair of socks, and stop worrying.

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