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The Difference Between Paid And Free Traffic

Everyone has heard that one can start making money on the internet without having to invest a single cent, while this is both true and an effective way of making money, one should be prepared to make minor investments every now and then if they truly want to uplift their online income source. When making money on the internet through blogs, websites and videos, the most important income determinant is traffic; the more traffic that you get, the more money that you can make.

Now there are several ways of maximising the amount of traffic that comes your way, one can do this organically by designing their content in a manner that search engines automatically give it high relevance. One common way of doing this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is practically free since the cost of carrying out SEO can be minute, however SEO can also be counted as a paid traffic method since one can outsource the optimizations to professionals as well.

Other forms of free traffic methods include having someone from Fiverr work on increasing your YouTube video’s rankings (can cost as little as $6) or even simpler, start posting in relevant Facebook groups about your work. You can take marketing on Facebook to the next level by paying for having your ads posted on the social media website. Basically, there is not a lot of difference in free vs paid traffic, both methods are made to achieve the same goals, however paid traffic can present results sooner than free traffic. If you are new to traffic generation, then it is advised that you start off with free traffic and once you start generating income through that, invest some of it into paid traffic for even better results.

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