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The Groom’s Mother

During wedding season thousands of people are raving about every little detail that goes in to making the wedding perfect and many people are really obsessed about two dresses; the dress the bride will be wearing, obviously, and the dress the mother of the bride will be wearing. Both of those dresses have their own rules and etiquettes that need to be followed to make sure they all look fine. However, there is another confusing dress choice that many people forget about, which is the dress the mother of the groom will be wearing. This can be a choice people have trouble making as they are not sure what to do in this circumstance.

Well you do not need to worry too much as there are just a few rules to the Mother of the Groom Dress that need to be followed and everything should go smoothly. The first thing that you need to do is follow the wedding theme and design. The wedding themes are usually reflected in the dresses the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride are wearing. You should ideally try and match the colour, the style, and the length of their dresses. So for example if the bridesmaids are wearing navy blue, the mother of the bride might wear royal blue, and you should do something similar as well that goes with the dark blue theme.

You should try not to match the colour exactly, however, as there should be a difference between your dress and the dress for the mother of the bride. Twinning with each other won’t really be fun for either. You should try for a colour that complements the other dresses, like if the bride’s mother is wearing pastel blue then a lavender coloured dress will work well for you and go with the theme.

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