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What Options Do You Have For Dealing With a Pregnancy That You Do Not Want

A woman’s body is capable of bringing new life into this world, but sometimes this new life can be unexpected or unwanted, this leads to the slightly taboo topic of abortion. People have differentiating views about abortion, some are completely against the process and label it as nothing short of murder, while others say that under certain circumstances abortion becomes permissible. Regardless of what people say and do not say, the final decision comes to the pregnant individual, and no matter what they do, the impact of their decision is going to be a life changing one.

Before you decide on making a final decision, it is extremely important that you are completely aware of every option that you have and get proper guidance in the matter, many women who have opted for abortion have stated that they regret not taking the time to figure everything out before going beyond the point of no return. Many people think that abortion is a simple procedure that comes with very minimal side effects, however, there is lot of physical and emotional trauma involved after the process.

There are two primary types of abortion procedures, the first being medical abortions that are carried out by ingesting pills that disrupt the development of the foetus and force is out of the body. This type is usually recommended for cases with a Last Menstrual Period (LMP) of 10 weeks or less, after this time frame medically induced abortions become less and less successful.

Side effects of these abortions include heavy bleeding, cramps and emotional trauma for the woman, for pregnancies that have been developing for more than 5 weeks, one should regularly seek professional counselling. In some cases, the bleeding can become so intense that it needs to be stopped through surgical scrapping.

For pregnancies that have advanced to later stages, medical abortions are seldom successful and the only way to ensure a successful abortion is to carry out a surgical procedure, here are various different kinds of surgical methods used for removing a developing foetus from the womb. The kind of procedure required is determined according to the number of weeks that gave passed after the LMP, early cases that are have had no longer than 13 weeks to develop are treated through a suction method which involves inserting a tube into the cervix and sucking the embryo out of the womb.

For cases that are above 13 weeks, dilation and evacuation needs to be carried out, this procedure involves making a wider incision in the cervix and then removing the embryo by breaking it apart with forceps. The longer the pregnancy has had time to develop, the more complications can arise, so it is important to find an abortion clinic in Tuscaloosa Alabama that knows what it is doing, a clinic that guides you through the whole process and makes sure that you make the best choice for yourself.

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